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S03 E06 - Did 2016 take Rob Mulholland too?

2017 has arrived folks, as has our latest podcast offering. Hope you've all managed to give up on your resolutions. Hope you've managed to dismiss all feelings of joy and merryment. Hope you've seen Rob Mulholland somewhere as we're starting to believe he was the last victim of 2016. Fear not though, Danny Deegan and Tony Jameson are still here and they're chatting about all manner of stuff, including how Adolf Hitler was 'a bit of a wrong un'.


S03 E05 - A bad month for strippers

So we're hurtling towards Christmas folks and Rob appears to have gone missing again. Tony and Danny steady the ship by wondering whether December is the worst month to be a stripper. Tony also managed to gig infront of some coked up gangsters the other night. Danny decides he's the man to discuss the levels of historic sexual abuse in football due to one of the first victims being a Bury player. The lads also debate just how shit local radio actually is.

As always, its the sort of podcast that you probably wouldn't listen to on speakers at work.

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S03 E04 - A week feels like a few minutes

YAC Podcast is becoming a bit like a bus isnt it? You wait ages for an episode then two come along at once. Well this episode will make you feel like you've time travelled. "What do you mean, Tony?" Well, it's gonna feel like we've had a week between records but at the same time it's gonna feel like all we did was put the kettle on.

So what can you expect from Tony Jameson, Danny Deegan and Rob Mulholland this week? We get into the whole John Lewis Christmas ad nonsense. There's a couple of stories that Rob and Danny repeat from previous episodes. Rob has probably fucked his ex. Tony also drops the mic on a big dark secret from his past. Ultimately the very notion of existenstialism is debated where we decide that everything is pointless. You know, the usual comedic topics you'd expect from us.

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S03 E03 - Robs back and Trump rules the world

Robs back everyone, and now Trump rules the world. We're not 100% sure if those two events are related, but lets face it, it's entirely plausable. What we can guarantee is the usual amounts of YAC laughter you've come to expect from Tony Jameson, Danny Deegan and Rob Mulholland.

We're getting down on the events across the pond. We also find some more details on Robs relationship status. Hmm, I wonder how thats gonna turn out. Dannys been at a wedding, so we address the issues of public speaking, in particular, the art of performing a wedding speech. The show is rounded off nicely with Rob trying to create a new political movement. That sounds quite terriyfing doesn't it?

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S03 E02 - Presidential Debate

So apparently there's a bit of chatter going on in the States that needs the opinions of three comedians from the UK to sort out. Well thankfully, we're on hand to offer our view on the US Presidential Campaign. However, Rob Mulholland is conspicuous by his absence today, so that leaves Tony Jameson and Danny Deegan to run the show, and what a job they do.

We're not just chatting Trump and Clinton, we're also covering what we've missed out over the past couple of weeks. Expect discussions on the most offensive Halloween costumes (link available on our website We discuss why Bon Fire Night is a bit shit. Plus we're planning on launching merch. Feel free to tweet us your suggestions for slogans.

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S03 E01 - Welcome to series 3 baby

Summer has been, and as it appears to have now passed, we figured it would be a perfect time to get reacquainted with your favourite comedy podcast featuring the three comedians featured on this podcast.

UK comedians Tony Jameson, Danny Deegan and Rob Mulholland are back, and they've got some more stuff to get off their chests. If you're new to the podcast, go and have a listen to series 2 as there's a few references to Robs breakdown that you'd probably want to get upto speed on.

What can you expect from this podcast? A lot of laughs. A lot of opinions that you may / may not agree with. Some shocks, but ultimately, a lot of laughs. I know we've already said that, but hey, this is a comedy podcast and you wanna make sure you get the right one.

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S02 E21 - End of series 2

Yeah we know it takes us a bit of time to get these episodes up, but episode 21 has now arrived in all its glory. With Rob and Danny due to go to Edinburgh next week, we're gonna class this as the end of series 2.

We're gonna be back in September with series 3 though, so do tell loads of people how great this podcast is and we'll be sure to give you some top class podcasting as we tend to do.

S02 E20 - A lot about Brexit, some stuff about Princess Day

Its a landmark episode folks. That landmark is 20 episodes. That's right, we've somehow managed to organise Tony Jameson, Rob Mulholland and Danny Deegan to be in the same room on 20 occasions this year. So what are we gonna chat about on this episode? Any ideas?


Have you had enough chat about Brexit yet? We hope not, cos we've got three comedians ready to share their thoughts on the subject. The lads chew the fat on the biggest moment in UK politics since David Camerons decision to, well, you know.

We also delve into Robs 'Princess Day', and without spoiling anything, I don't think Robs breakdown is complete just yet.

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S02 E19 - Brexit, Football Takeovers, Angel Babies

Episode 19 is here in all it's finery. Tony, Rob and Danny feel as though the time is right to start getting political. The lads tackle Brexit. Well, they talk about it for 5 mins, before going back to their usual ridiculous ways. Rob brings us a dark story from the internet, and we'll be honest, there's no way we couldn't have included it.

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S02 E18 - Tinder, Fertility Tests, Marriage

So, episode 18 is here. If you've been a regular listener, you'll know the podcast is cursed for those in relationships. Tony is clinging on, yet Rob and Dany have set sail on the 'Goodship Tinder'. 

After last weeks revelations, you'd be surprised to hear that Rob has gone into Tinder meltdown. He's basically feral. Danny isn't a million miles away, but my god, what a story. Tony gets five minutes of non marriage fun times. You know it make sense to subscribe and then tell other people to join the club x